11 Simple Ways to Save More Money

11 Simple Ways to Save More Money

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We all want to save more money! If we could save more money, we could put more into the emergency fund, Christmas fund, New Car fund, retirement… and anything else you may be saving up for!

Here are 11 quick ideas to save more money:

Knock the debt out

No payments = money! Work to pay off the debt you have so that you can save more of your hard-earned income, instead of giving it to the bank, car loan company, or another institution.


Plan your meals ahead

My mom always told me to not go to the grocery store hungry. She was right. The last time I did that, I almost had to get two shopping carts!

Planning your meals ahead of time will help with the tendency you could have to overspend at the grocery store. By planning your meals, and buying only what you need, you are intentionally saving money by not buying unnecessary things.

You can even use easy programs to help you with this like eMeals which you can try free for 14 days, or try $5 Meal Plan for 14 days for free as well!  


Cook at home

Eating out at restaurants can be costly, especially if you are in the habit of going out multiple times a week. I know with a lot of people I talk to when they discuss reducing a category in their budget, the first is almost always the eating out category.

Keep an eye on how often you go out to eat, you could save some serious cash!

Bring your lunch to work

Leftovers are not the most glamorous thing in the world to some people, but for those wanting to save some money, it might just be worth it!

I cannot tell you how much money my wife and I have saved by doing this, but if I did the calculations, it would be astounding. It is fairly simple for us too, we just cook a big dinner that gives us enough for that evening, then pack the leftovers for the next day.  

Take your lunch to work to eat some of those leftovers, and pocket the lunch money!


Check those subscriptions

You may be able to save some money by going back through your subscriptions and trimming down those that you are not even using anymore!

It is a good habit to go through your expenses every now and then and check for things like this.

Often times we will sign up for a subscription, and forget that we had it even though we aren’t using it. This being the case, make sure to go through periodically to cancel any subscriptions that you aren’t using any longer. 

We all want to save more money! If we could save more money, we could put more into the emergency fund, Christmas fund, New Car fund, retirement… and anything else you may be saving up for! Here are 11 quick ideas to save more money! #save #savemore #personalfinances #easywaystosave

Use Cash

Did you know that you are more likely to spend more money if you use a card? Try using cash for a while and see if that helps with your spending.

You can use the envelope method or the binder clip method to do this.

If you feel like you swipe, swipe, swipe, it may be absolutely worth switching to all cash for a period.   

Check the cable bill

Many of us are guilty of spending money on channels we aren’t even interested in. Check out that cable bill and see if you can reduce it.

It is a good idea to call the company every now and then, as they may be running specials or new packages that could reduce your price anyway! 


Brew in, don’t buy out!

Coffee lovers know what I mean with this one. A cup at home is significantly less than a cup out and about. Do your best to brew at home and you’ll notice the savings.



Buy Generic

Do yourself a huge money saving favor and check the ingredients on the generic brands, and compare them to the name brands.

Most times, they are quite nearly identical! I would much rather pay a cheaper price for the exact same product than pay a premium for a special “name”.

Do some research, and look into this the next time you go grocery shopping or pick up some necessary items. You may be surprised at how much you could save by simply getting rid of those name brand items and replacing them with generic.


Make some budget cuts

Maybe it is time to get out the trimming sheers on that budget! It is easy to get into a rut that allows us to stay comfortable where we are. I know that some categories in our budget stay pretty much the same each month. However, if we are in the money-saving mode, there are certain categories we know we could cut down on if we were intentional. Take some time to really look over your budget and see if you can cut back anywhere to save some money. If you need help setting up a budget, check out my blog post on 5 Simple Steps to Create a Budget. 

Avoid your spending tendencies

For some, it is a certain store. For others, it is online and starts with an A and ends with mazon.

Some places make it so easy to buy things, that we will just do it! To avoid some of the places you really like to spend, you could consider unsubscribing to emails that send you the latest deals. You could also remove your card information from any online portals so that you have to enter it every single time you want to make a purchase. This will allow you to really think about it as you’re making the purchase. There’s a reason they make buying so easy now, it works and it makes you spend more money! 

Do your best to be intentional each time you go towards your tendencies, knowing what you need and why you’re buying it and you’ll definitely save some money!


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