Debt Free Inspiration – This Couple Paid Off Over $37,000!

Debt Free Inspiration – This Couple Paid Off Over $37,000!

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Today’s debt-free story comes from Tracie who has her own blog that you can find at
You can also follow her here on Instagram
I love sharing these debt-free stories because I find they can give so much inspiration! I hope this gives you continued confidence knowing that if others have done it, and become debt-free, that you absolutely can too! 
What I love about Tracie’s story is how she describes that there were definitely challenges, but her desire to be out of debt outweighed those and continued to motivate her. Not to mention, she paid off a LOT of debt!
Check out Tracie’s debt-free story: 
What made you decide to be debt free?
My husband and I were tired of struggling to make ends meet. We had just one income and it felt that we were just not doing well with it. 
But, what really got us interested was when I went to dinner with some friends and I watched one of them pay with cash.
I asked her and she told me about what they were doing.
I knew we made more than they did and if they could do it, so could we.  I went home and told my husband about it. 
We both started reading and within a week had a plan in place.
What was the journey like? How much debt did you pay off and how long did it take?
We had more than $37,000 of debt and it took us around 27 months. 
It was liberating and frustrating all at the same time. It is the biggest roller coaster of emotions I’ve ever experience…but one of the most rewarding.
Debt Free Inspiration, This Couple Paid Off Over $37,000!
What was the most difficult part of it all?
For us, it was not eating out or buying things we wanted (not needs).  I missed that.  But, I wanted to be out of debt more.
What was surprisingly easy during everything?
Using cash! 
I was shocked, to be honest.
I was not excited about it at first as I thought it would be a hassle. But using cash suddenly made me feel in control again. I could see every penny that we spent and really thought about every purchase. 
It was so much simpler than I thought.
What would you go back and tell yourself when you first started your debt free journey?
How amazing it is going to be. 
That you will stumble and it is OK but what you will get to experience on the back side is unlike anything you’ve been able to before in your adult life.
If someone needed some inspiration to get started and become debt free, what advice would you give them?
It is not so much a money thing as it is the attitude. 
You have to change the way you think about money. 
But once you can do that and let yourself do things that you did not before you will be amazed.  Be open to things.  Be willing to try.  After all, what you are doing now is not working, so be open to new ideas.
Being able to pay cash for a car, take our family on a dream Florida vacation, remodel our house and not stress about money has been life-changing.
Had I known how amazing this would be, I would have done it all sooner.
Thank you, Tracie!
A huge thank you to Tracie, for being willing to share her debt-free story with us. 
My hope is that this has given you the courage to continue forward on your journey to becoming debt-free. And take her advice to heart. I love what she said about your attitude towards money and changing the way you think. We have to be willing to change things up to get different results. 
Let’s use this motivation and continue on together and become debt-free! 
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